Our Leaders

Terry Glenn


83 Kids Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to bringing hope and awareness to the foster care system. As a youngster Terry grew up in the inner city of Columbus, Ohio where life each day was very unpredictable. Terry knows first hand about being an adopted foster kid. He’s not only a client but he’s the President. Bouncing around from home to home and not knowing where the next meal was coming from, Terry became very reclusive. In 1992 he managed to walk on at The Ohio State University and earned a scholarship the following year. After setting school records and earning numerous awards, he decided to opt out of his senior year for the NFL. 

The path to success is something Terry understands shouldn’t be taken for granted. Being a former foster kid has prepared him for the task to help other kids afford the opportunity to succeed regardless of the hands they were dealt. Having DREAM’S and ASPIRATIONS are key elements that help provide our youth with the confidence and fortitude that will propel them into young adulthood. Terry is a firm believer that if you can see it, you can be it! Providing today’s youth with a CORE foundation of love and commitment, can re-establish the belief that’s very vital to our future existence.  Hence 83 Kids Foundation was established to be the link that turns ignorance into faith. GOD BLESS!

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