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83 Kids Foundation was created to be a keystone that links donors and non-profit organizations nationwide. Through our established network we are able to provide additional resources for the challenges facing our youth for which our government could use some assistance in providing such as treatment, prevention, family support, and aging out. There are a lot of nonprofits and services across the country that are doing great things to help our youth. One of our missions is to help these nonprofits expand the production that is already in place.

Foster Kids

Children are placed in Foster Care for Various reason

Youth in foster care are already at a disadvantage in life and really need help with high school completion, employment, accessing health care, continued educational opportunities, housing and transitional living arrangements. For instance, in California the foster care population has tripled within the last 20 years. With nearly 450,000+ children in foster care throughout the United States, these are just some of the startling statistics provided by the U.S. Administration for Children and Families:

NOTE: All races exclude children of Hispanic origin. Children of Hispanic ethnicity may be any race.

Individuals who grew up in foster care are 30% more likely to be substance abusers and 50% more likely to have a history of domestic violence than the overall homeless population. Twice as many of these heads of households have already lost at least one child to foster care.

As we all know we cant accurately keep numbers on anything globally. One can only assume these numbers are far greater and troubling to our existence here on earth.

Our organization was founded on the belief that foster care children are entitled to the same level of care and benefits as any other child. The 83 Kids Foundation maintains a strong local presence, and with programs that extend our mission to help foster care children across the country.

The mission of 83 Kids Foundation, as stated by founder Terry Glenn is “to establish a caring and loving environment by educating current and potential foster care parents, generate awareness of the challenges facing foster care children, and expand the generosity of charitable organizations nationwide.” 

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