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Thank you for liking and following my 83 Kids Foundation page. We really appreciate the donations that have been so kind heatedly given. I wanted to show you what I’ve been working on for ….
Just like bouncing around from home to home as a Foster Kid, I bounced around the NFL a few times from team to team. The one thing that remained the same was OUR LORD ….
I want to share with you my thoughts on going back to New England. For those that may not know, I got drafted 7th pick overall by the New England Patriots in 1996 after ….
My Son and I made it to New England safe and sound. Lord knows I hate to fly. True story; Back in my days at Ohio State I use to ride to the away ….
I’m sitting at the Boston Logan airport with my Son nervously waiting on my flight back to Dallas and wanted to tell you that my trip back to New England was fantastic. Got to ….
Today is GameDay and I’m on my way to Gillette Stadium for the big PATS and STEELERS game should be a good one. And guess what folks? Mr. Kraft is meeting me in his ….
Hello everyone, hope your enjoying your Friday and getting ready for The Super Bowl weekend. Wanted to drop you a quick message about not giving up on your dreams/goals when your presented with a ….
I had something on my mind and wanted to share; A lot of people that know my story always ask me if I could go back and change something in my life what would ….
Hello, hope everyone is having a great weekend. Not sure where you are in the country, but I’m here in Dallas, Texas and its 83 degrees outside. Whoa! This one of them days if ….
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