Recap From New England Trip

I’m sitting at the Boston Logan airport with my Son nervously waiting on my flight back to Dallas and wanted to tell you that my trip back to New England was fantastic. Got to see some people I hadn’t seen in years and also met a lot of people that said, ” I remember you when I was a kid” or “I remember that catch you made in the fog”. Some made me feel old and some made me feel welcomed but regardless of what was said, I truly felt at peace and overwhelmed.

Happy isn’t the word to describe the emotions that were running through me! I had/have a smile on my face that can’t be wiped off! I was so bitter and hurt by the way things ended with the Patriots that I never moved on. Although I went on to play for 6 more years with 2 great franchises (Green Bay and Dallas), my heart was still in Boston.

The Patriots have become notorious for winning and they proved that yet again this year. Coach Bill Belichick is an outstanding coach that has proven his name should be in the same sentence as Greatest Coaches Ever. Not to toot my own horn, but our 96 class set the tone for what we are all witnessing. And yes (bashfully) I was the first pick that year! And not to mention I caught All-World Tom Brady’s first touchdown pass that kicked off his awesome career.

Whew, that was a lot about me talking about myself and anyone that knows me, know that’s tough for me to do! Those are a few examples of why my heart will never leave New England and also the people there are pretty great! One last thing, I GOT TO MEET WITH MR. KRAFT! It felt like it did in 1996 after the draft! Truly an amazing man then and even more so now! Overwhelmed by the meeting, I didn’t get to tell him why I was there. To simply say, “I’m sorry Mr. Kraft”. Something tells me he knew!!!

Thanks, Marianne Driscoll. Thanks, Stacey James. Thanks, Alberta Elias. Thanks, Clyde’s bar, and grill.


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