More Than Words

Today is GameDay and I’m on my way to Gillette Stadium for the big PATS and STEELERS game should be a good one. And guess what folks? Mr. Kraft is meeting me in his office at the stadium before the game and I’m super stoked. I feel like a kid in a candy store. GOD has shown me his presence right before my very eyes and I’m so thankful and grateful.

I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with some awesome Kids at the More Than Words nonprofit organization this morning. What a wonderful time I had and like I said, the pleasure was all mine.

I was able to share some jersey shirts with the youth @MTW. Please don’t forget to visit my our DONATE Page to make a donation. Donations are graciously accepted for our Kids/Youth!

Please CLICK HERE to very more from my day at MTW.

This has been an incredible visit so far and I’d like to thank a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul Alberta Elias.

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