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Hello, hope everyone is having a great weekend. Not sure where you are in the country, but I’m here in Dallas, Texas and its 83 degrees outside. Whoa! This one of them days if you were on punishment, you’d somehow get a message to your friends to come knock on the door and ask if you could come outside and play. I use clean up the whole house before she got up! That was the trick! Walking around the house with that foster kid look on your face!!!!

That wasn’t meant to be funny but instead to perk you up and bring attention to a problem we have in America folks, that isn’t going anywhere. Kids are suffering in society because either their parents can’t take care of them or simply, like myself, didn’t have the privilege of experiencing a Mother and/or a Father around with that unconditional love. You know that love where no matter what you did, they have your back. “That’s my baby”! Those words are pure joy to a kids ears. They feel safe. They have trust. Imagine being a child/kid and don’t feel like anyone in this world care’s about you being here! Its easier for an adult because we can fake it. Truth be told even adults want someone to care about them. Children/Kids don’t know what’s around the corner. They’re still growing and there’s that unknown factor in their heads that drives them to act out and gravitate towards attention, no matter if its good or bad.

By the time I was 25, I knew what living on earth was about. So I was able to adjust to what I wanted out of life for the most part. Children/Kids don’t know and when they have to experience that alone, it’s a frightening task. I’m not Superman and I’ve had my problems and experiences but dammit I’m putting my foot down and dedicating the rest of my life to help change that outlook for as many Children/Kids/Youth as I can! Please HELP SUPPORT my efforts in fixing this prolematic circumstance that our Children/Kids/Youth face. I put some things together on the 83 Kids website as a thank you in order to help raise funds.

With a $25 or more DONATION, I’ll personally mail to you an Autographed Personalized Picture of your choice and 2 83 KIDS FOUNDATION LOGO BANDS. Please visit my website and chose the DONATE TAB and go from there.

Most of all…….THANK YOU


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