Foster Kids Funday

The first 83 KIDS FOUNDATION FUNDAY FOR FOSTER KIDS at Dave & Buster’s was a success. The kids had fun meeting other foster kids while sharing stories and playing games with their family and friends. They also got to watch movies and dance to the latest tunes while topping the event off with the most important part to me, and that was giving the kids a message of encouragement and motivation. My guest speaker was Devin “THE BIG MACHINE” Wyman. Devin’s speech was incredible and moving. As you can see in the photo’s the kids were really inspired as well as the parents. Kids are such a joy to be around. They remind us of how life use to be when we adults were innocent and free without a care in the world just dreams and aspirations. The world has changed since the good old days and our kids today have it a lot tougher than we did. Not by how our parents or guardians treated us but more so how fast the pressures of fitting in as well as the survival of our planet. We need to get the kids back to interacting with one another and learn the social skills that will connect the less fortunate with the privileged. Caring and Sharing are two vital elements that will assure us an elongated existence. Feeling the Joy that GOD intended for us to feel when an act of kindness is demonstrated, is the essence of the heart that beats the blood throughout our veins. Now that’s a Blessing!

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