Super Bowl Li Rally

Terry attended the Patriots SUPER BOWL LI Rally. While being able to be a fan and root for his First NFL team, The Patriots, Terry got to meet some great people and spread the word about the 83 Kids Foundation! Being able to help Kids FIGHT THE FIGHT, is what Terry would call, a Super Bowl Victory!

While Terry loves every team and organization he was had the pleasure of playing for,  it was a very exciting and gratifying experience witnessing Super Bowl LI as a fan and former Patriot! After playing for 12 years and retiring almost a decade ago, Terry considers the moment special and very humbling.

P.S. – Did we mention in 2001(PATS first Super Bowl victory) that Tom Brady’s first Touchdown pass in his NFL debut was to our Founder, TERRY GLENN! Terry threw the ball in the stands not knowing Tom Brady would rule the NFL for years to come and eventually be considered the G.O.A.T at his position. Wish ya would’ve kept that ball don’t ya!

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