Arriving In New England

My Son and I made it to New England safe and sound. Lord knows I hate to fly. True story; Back in my days at Ohio State I use to ride to the away games in a mini van with Georgia Hauser, yeah that Mrs. Hauser (Brookhaven stand up lol), while the team flew. Sometimes I didn’t get to the hotel until 1 or 2 in the morning and still managed to get up and catch that rock. I tried that in the PRO’s and Coach Bill Parcells fined me 50k. Lets just say I flew from then on out. When it comes to flying I’m a BOK BOK chicken. My kids think its comical how I let out these loud frightening noises when we hit a little bit of turbulence. Flying is a beautiful thing we humans invented, but its just not for me.

Talk to you soon – TG

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